Reliable Monitoring for the Entire Grid

Established in 1945, we diagnose the health of electrical assets within the Generation, Transmission, and Distribution electrical networks.
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WEBINAR | Partial Discharge Monitoring in Stator Windings: Science or Black Magic?

Free Live Webinar with Q&A. On-line PD testing and monitoring has been used by motor and generator operators for as...

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Qualitrol Article Featured in T&D World | Key Benefits of Smart Breathers

Featured in, Qualitrol discusses the “Key Benefits of Smart Breathers for Transformers“. Transformers are one of the key assets...

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WEBINAR | Measuring Partial Discharge from Medium Voltage Inverter Fed Motors

On-demand Webinar Interested in learning about measuring on-line Partial Discharge from medium voltage inverter fed motors? Watch our free, on-demand...

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